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Upcoming Fixtures and Events held at the Club 2024

format: R = Rinks; T = Triples; RM = Mixed Rinks; TM = Mixed Triples; dress code: W = Whites; G = Greys;

Sun 16th Jun 6.15 Pell Shield H/A 2x2 @STOTFOLD 24T G
Fri 2nd Aug 10.00 Friendly GALA Open Triples @STOTFOLD 24TM G
Sun 25th Aug 10.00 Members Memorial Gala @STOTFOLD 12TM W
Sun 1st Sep 10.00 Friendly Benevolent Triples @STOTFOLD 6TM G
Sun 22nd Sep 2.00 Presidents Day @STOTFOLD ALL W
Sat 28th Sep 10.00 Finals Weekend @STOTFOLD ALL W
Sun 29th Sep 10.00 Finals Weekend @STOTFOLD ALL W
Sun 13th Oct 10.00 Mens Meeting @STOTFOLD ALL